Frequently Asked Questions 2016-11-07T21:52:27+00:00
Where will my dog run? 2016-10-12T17:51:35+00:00

We are attached to run graded dogs at Monmore Green Greyhound Stadium. If your dog is running on the graded strength then this is where he or she will run when racing. If you dog is an open racer, or progresses to this class, then your dog could run at any one of the 25 tracks throughout the country. We only race our dogs at track that suit and will play to their strengths.

Where are your kennels based? 2013-11-11T19:09:44+00:00

Our kennels are located in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Centrally located to all Midland tracks we are approx 45 mins from Nottingham, 30 mins from Hall Green, 30 mins from Coventry and 45 mins to Monmore – traffic dependent of course!

How much do you charge – Race Dogs? 2013-12-08T18:43:29+00:00

At present our rates are very competitive. When a racer is just starting to trial, resting, injured or in season we charge £5.50. As soon as they are available to race we charge £7.50 per day with any prize money deducted directly from monthly bills.

How much do you charge – Pup Rearing? 2013-11-11T15:36:19+00:00

The pricing for pups varies as they get older. Upto 6 months old we charge £2 per day. Aged 6-12 months we charge £3 per day. At 12 months they are kennelled and bought into the kennel routine and are charged at £4.75. If staying to be schooled then there is also a fee for trialling and transport to the schooling track. Usually £10 per session. (£5 for trial and £5 travel)

Are vets bills included in price? 2013-11-11T15:36:39+00:00

No, vets bills are charged in addition to the daily rates.

Can I visit my dog? 2013-11-11T15:36:58+00:00

Yes, of course, every Sunday we have an ‘open’ morning where you are free to visit the kennels and take your dogs out and spend time with them.

Do you have race dogs/pups for sale? 2016-10-12T17:51:35+00:00

We often have dogs in the kennels that are looking for new owners. Please check out our

For Sale page for further information. If you are looking for a specific type of dog then please contact me to discuss and we will do our utmost to locate the right dog for you.